Thank you very much to those who have donated to me. I’m really touched that people in various parts of the world (some known to me and many who I’ve not met) choose to support me and the work I am doing with Divine Truth & God’s Way organisations.

A special thanks to Jesus & Mary for sharing information on their blog about the work volunteers are involved in and my donation details!

I am passionate about the projects being undertaken by Divine Truth & God’s Way organisations, and love having the opportunity to be involved.

Since May 2022, the monthly payment I receive from Divine Truth Pty Ltd & God’s Way Ltd has been able to be reduced by $1,000 thanks to those who have gifted donations to me. This means that more of the organisations’ funds can be directed into other projects and activities being undertaken.

I continue to work with Jesus on developing the new website sharing systems that will upgrade the current Divine Truth & God’s Way websites. We are currently designing and developing a search engine component to make finding specific information and media shared on the site a quick and simple process.

Creating the search engine is quite a complex task that is taking some time. The search engine is made up of firstly what you will see as a visitor to the new site: a user interface allowing you to perform powerful, flexible searches across all shared material, in a way that is straightforward and intuitive. But more complex than this are the various systems working behind the scenes to collect and collate data about shared content into a database that runs in the web browser, to facilitate searching and display search results with minimal noticeable delay.

To give you a sense of the types of searches it will be possible to perform in future, I include below a few examples from the new website prototype. (Click on any of the images for a larger view.)

The search panel of the website can be expanded and collapsed as desired by clicking the ‘Search’ toolbar button.

Search panel hidden with mouse about to click the ‘Search’ toolbar button
Search panel shown


Search for content that falls under the topic of ‘spirit guidance’:

Basic search example


Search for content created between 2016 and 2019 which contains the keywords ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’:

Search example with 2 conditions


Search for videos of mediumship with Aphraar:

Search example with 3 conditions

After clicking the green ‘Search Now’ button in the search toolbar, links to resources matching search criteria will be listed underneath. (That part hasn’t been developed yet!)

Thanks again & best wishes,


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